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Parallel Mothers

A Starlight Outdoor Screening | Regional Premiere!

Bangalow Showground
Saturday 15 January 2022 | 8.00 pm

Spain| 2021 | 120 mins
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Stars: Penélope Cruz, Milena Smit, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón.
Rated: MA15+

Starring an extraordinary Penélope Cruz, the latest film by Spanish maestro Pedro Almodóvar (All About My Mother, Talk to Her) is a striking tale of motherhood and female friendship.

Parallel Mothers was the opening film of the 2021 Venice Film Festival, where Penélope Cruz was awarded as Best Actress.

Two women coincide in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. Both are single and became pregnant by accident.

Janis, middle-aged, doesn’t regret it and she is exultant. The other, Ana, an adolescent, is scared, repentant and traumatized. 

Janis tries to encourage her while they move like sleepwalkers along the hospital corridors. The few words they exchange in those hours will create a very close link between the two, which by chance develops and becomes complicated, changing their lives in a decisive way.

Parallel Mothers is a movie of infinite tenderness, that rare ode to motherhood that acknowledges mothers as women first and mothers second.

Time Magazine

From opening frame to closing titles, this is resoundingly, exquisitely, the Penélope Cruz show. But with a lesson in Spanish history.

Times (UK)